ARD Text - Teletext art festival

Teletext and art - a successful connection goes into the sixth round ARD Text presents "The wonderful world of Horsenburger" After the successful teletext art festivals in the past summers, in September 2018 art will again be given a box seat in the ARD text. For this, the British artist Steve Horsley was selected, better known in the internet as "Horsenburger". For four weeks, he will be part of ARD Text's offer as an artist-in-residence and will surprise viewers daily with new teletext art works. The Briton worked professionally in the 90s as a teletext graphic designer and produced according to own statements foremost horses and footballs for teletext pages. Only two years ago, his passio

I got interviewed (by a magazine)!

I am so bad at this self promotion thing, it's just not an easy thing for me as anyone what knows me will testify, but apart from an interview with @illarterate at the 2016 Digifest along side @MrBiffo this is my first proper interview in a real magazine and I hope it reads well (like watching myself on film, I can't read it just in case I said anything awful!). I totally recommend the Magazine anyway but if you want to read the 3 page interview, check out the April - June edition. You can subscribe at Indiegogo #teletext #paleotronic #interview

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