Just a collection of some of my Teletext art.

About Me

Steve Horsley ‘aka’ Horsenburger is apparently an all round nice guy, he currently works in IT in Devon and fills his spare time producing Teletext art and assisting in YouTube video production for his old friend, but more about that later.

So, let’s go back in time to 1995 when it all started for Steve. For there is where he started working with teletext systems to produce images such as logos, offers and deals on various sporting events for the UK betting shop chain Ladbrokes – horses and footballs comes to mind…

Steve then moved on to work for Teletext Ltd and felt privileged to work with his best friend from school Paul Rose ‘aka’ Mr Biffo, who co-created the cult gaming section called “Digitiser”, which was a huge smash!

Steve’s Teletext experience pretty much resulted in him swapping horses for palm trees, planes and boats for holiday advertisers, so he then moved on to do website design and IT development. One thing that Steve had always said is that he wished he had appreciated doing Teletext more at the time. But hey, at least he has come back to it with an awesome vengeance, and since 2016 has been producing image after image, in fact over 2000 images, and can come up with just about anything you ask him to do – he likes a challenge!

The resurgence of interest and nostalgia in Teletext in the UK over the past 2 years has been a busy time for Steve, he has taken part in Digifest, teletext block parties, and Demo parties, he is also become a major contributor to the textmode groups  Mistigris and Blocktronics with his Teletext artwork and with expanding into the ANSi art scene.  Other projects he has worked on recently have been as a producer, “actor” and director of the Kickstarter funded YouTube series ‘Mr Biffo’s Found Footage’ and the upcoming retro console game show ‘Digitiser the TV show’.

Steve would also like to mention Simon Rawles, who created a perfect Teletext editor called edit.TF. This was so close to what he used to work on in the old days, that it made design fun and on his terms – he could do whatever he wanted! The first time he opened up the blank page and started editing, it felt like he’d never been away…

You can find more about Steve at: www.horsenburger.com and on Twitter @Horsenburger  He also has a Ko-Fi page at https://ko-fi.com/horsenburger if you want to support him.