Tickets are now on sale for Block Party 2016: The Teletext and Digitiser Festival! Taking place on Saturday October 1st, at the wonderful Centre for Computing History in Cambridge - a magical place full of old computers and consoles - it'll be an intimate day of teletext and Digitiser nostalgia and fun. Due to availability, we're only able to offer a limited number of tickets to the daytime workshops and panels, which will have a focus on the broader world of teletext. However, day tickets will also grant access to the evening event, which will offer hours of Digitiser-related madness - plus special guests. Buy your tickets now! The provisional schedule is as follows: 11am - 4pm: Teletext workshops and demonstrations

These include: TeletextR Podcast Live Attend a live recording of the Teletextr podcast, the internet’s premier (and only) teletext podcast. Who knows who might pop along? Teletext Designers Panel Just how do you make a teletext page? Can you make my own? Well, wonder no more, for the teletext artists are here to explain all. Dan Farrimond, Steve "Horsenburger" Horsley, and myself - Paul "Mr Biffo" Rose - will be answering your questions. Teletext Time Machine Recovery Demo Capturing teletext pages from VHS and Betamax is, amazingly, entirely possible. Bring your old tapes and see what gems are hidden in the VBI signal, as teletext archeologist Jason Robertson presses reveal. In addition, we'll have a gallery of teletext pages, vintage editions of Digitiser, and an interactive Bamboozle for you to play around with - and lots more. Plus! Drop in to the Teletext Block Party booth for a sandwich, a chat, and a live teletext editing session. 4-5pm: Break 5.30pm - 10pm: The Digitiser Spectacular!

5.30pm: Doors open for evening events. 6pm - 7pm: Screening A screening of what? Whatever it is... you won't want to miss it, probably. 7pm - 9pm: The Ultimate Digitiser Panel-Me-Do Special guests Violet Berlin, Tim "Mr Hairs" Moore, and Gavin "Mr Udders" Lambert, join myself and our host, top stand-up comedian Chris Coltrane, for two hours of interactive talks about all things Digitiser. 9pm - 10pm: Secret! What will this be? All we can say is that it'll be the Digitiser dream/nightmare you always wanted to experience. 10pm: Pub! Venue TBC, join us at a nearby hostelry for a nightcap and nude drinking games. ​All events and guests are subject to availability, and to be confirmed.


Click here for tickets.

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Additional details will be announced closer to the event. If you have any questions, please email us here.

If for any reason you are unable to attend, please let us know at the earliest possible convenience, as there may be others who would like your ticket.

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