Crap Holiday Book Cover

I was asked by Jenny Morrill from @theworldofcrap and to create a cover for her new book about the most dismal Crap Holiday you can imagine. She didn't want a teletext image which put me in a panic (as that is all I have done for the past 2 years) Jenny said she really wanted it done in the style of this random drawing I did of @mrbiffo's creation "Knife" from "Knife & Wife" for @Gheaviside sometime ago! So, for the first time in 2 years I sat down with my tablet and randomly painted until this picture took shape. Luckily Jenny loves it and she is going to use it, not bad for the first draft. The book should be out in November. I have done a handful of album covers in the p

Live TEEFAX Teletext Viewer

You can see all my @ARDText teletext art up online on the live Teefax Teletext viewer at TEEFAX Check it out for some real nostalgia, and don't forget page 100 for the main menu, you can also find out more about this year's Teletext Block Party on page 810 which will be held in Wigan in October (tickets are free) And, if you change channel to channel 4 you can relive historic recovered Teletext and Ceefax pages.

Bloktoberfest 2018

Pixel pushers rejoice - the next Block Party has been confirmed for Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2018. This year, Britain's premier teletext festival will venture 'up north' to Wigan STEAM for a weekend of VBI, Videotext and Viewdata jollities. The fifth iteration of the Block Party is dubbed 'Bloktoberfest'. It will be a celebration of homebrew teletext, playing host to pixel art workshops as well as games and presentations much like those seen at Block Party Cambridge in 2017. Find out more and how to book your free tickets here

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