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Crap Holiday Book Cover

I was asked by Jenny Morrill from @theworldofcrap and to create a cover for her new book about the most dismal Crap Holiday you can imagine. She didn't want a teletext image which put me in a panic (as that is all I have done for the past 2 years)

Jenny said she really wanted it done in the style of this random drawing I did of @mrbiffo's creation "Knife" from "Knife & Wife" for @Gheaviside sometime ago!

So, for the first time in 2 years I sat down with my tablet and randomly painted until this picture took shape. Luckily Jenny loves it and she is going to use it, not bad for the first draft. The book should be out in November.

I have done a handful of album covers in the past but this is my first book cover. And the result for me is I now have the bug to draw again.

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