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I attended the NOVA 17 UK demo-party in Budleigh Salterton, Devon (June 23rd - 25th). For the first time there was a Teletext Graphic category for competition. There were a few entries and to be honest I did have quite an advantage as today, June 26th is my 1st anniversary of staring working on Teletext pixel-art after a 20 year break, but I have to admit the other entries were very good indeed. So Simon (the creator of the, the system I use to create the Teletext pages) and myself decided to do something a little more challenging, and that resulted in Simon writing a version of the program on the Friday afternoon to allow me to work on a huge canvas, the dimension of this monster is 40 x 200 sixels rather than the standard 40 x 24 sixels. Over the next 4 hours (including debugging) I produced this piece of art, the first ever 40 x 200 Teletext page. Obviously this screen cannot be displayed on a standard TV but it does comply with the specification of Teletext and can be displayed as 8 separate screens.

One day I'd love to take my Teletext art to a German Demo-party (as they still use Teletext) and see what they think. But, I really want to thank you all for your support and encouragement, without you I probably wouldn't be doing this.

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