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1st Anniversary

Today is the 1st Anniversary of me getting back into Teletext Pixel-art after a break of 20 years. It's been a tough year I lost my mum, gained depression and lost my job, but my family and Teletext has got me through it and I've come a long way,. Over the past 12 months I've been involved in Digifest with my old buddy Mr Biffo, helped run an amazing 2 day Teletext Block party, produced almost 900 pieces of pixel art, started a Patreon, sold some shirts, mugs and mouse mats on my store, done some illustrations for a new book, been to my first Demo Party and won a prize, and worked on Mr Biffos Found Footage, but most importantly friends, getting closer to old friends and making some amazing new friends online and in real life. Who would have thought working on Teletext Pixel art could get you through the toughest times. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Anyway, here is my first design I published back in June 2016.

my first design

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